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Baby photography Hertfordshire

So this week took me to the Fennell household where I was honoured to photograph their latest addition to the family.  Little Ollie is only three weeks old so was the perfect subject for the camera, while big brother Josh ran around the garden and watered the flowers.  I’ve photographed young Josh before so it was an absolute pleasure to see him again and see just how much he’d grown.

Lucky for me the sun was shining in Hertfordshire, which always helps when photographing babies indoors…..

Here’s the highlights from the day.

Baby-photo-London-1 Baby-photo-London-2 Baby-photo-London-3 Baby-photo-London-4 Baby-photo-London-5 Baby-photo-London-6 Baby-photo-London-7 Baby-photo-London-8 Baby-photo-London-9 Baby-photo-London-10 Baby-photo-London-11 Baby-photo-London-12 Baby-photo-London-13 Baby-photo-London-14 Baby-photo-London-15 Baby-photo-London-16 Baby-photo-London-17 Baby-photo-London-18 Baby-photo-London-19 Baby-photo-London-20 Baby-photo-London-21 Baby-photo-London-22 Baby-photo-London-23 Baby-photo-London-24 Baby-photo-London-25 Baby-photo-London-26 Baby-photo-London-27 Baby-photo-London-28 Baby-photo-London-29 Baby-photo-London-30 Baby-photo-London-31 Baby-photo-London-32 Baby-photo-London-33 Baby-photo-London-34 Baby-photo-London-35 Baby-photo-London-36 Baby-photo-London-37 Baby-photo-London-38 Baby-photo-London-39 Baby-photo-London-40 Baby-photo-London-41 Baby-photo-London-42 Baby-photo-London-43 Baby-photo-London-44 Baby-photo-London-45 Baby-photo-London-46 Baby-photo-London-47 Baby-photo-London-48 Baby-photo-London-49 Baby-photo-London-50

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