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How much does a session with SC Portrait photography cost?
The current price of a bespoke portrait session is £125 for weekdays and £175 for weekend bookings.  This includes a half day shoot including various locations.  Please remember that this fee covers all of the post production editing and viewing consultation.

Where are you based?
I am based in Hertfordshire and currently live near Watford.

Where will our portrait session take place?
This is your photo shoot so the location is entirely up to you.  The aim of the day is to capture natural, fun photographs in surroundings that you feel comfortable in.  We have plenty of time on the day so it is recommended that we try a few locations, such as the park, the woods, in the home etc

When do our portrait sessions take place?
I like to start as early as possible, when the light is good and the little ones are at their best.  The earlier the better so any time after breakfast.

How long will the session last?
I don’t put a time limit on the shoot but I do aim to be done by lunch time.  This way we have plenty of time to take lots of pictures and also to take breaks in between.  If we need to spend longer due to unforeseen circumstances then we may carry on after lunch.

How much direction will we receive on the day?
I aim to give as little direction as possible.  I encourage natural photos so in order to retain the spontaneity I will let you have fun without me getting in the way.

Do we need to bring anything?
Just the usual things you’d take for a day out.  Toys, games, ball, scooter…. Snacks and drinks for refuelling and also wipes!  Maybe a change of clothing should little ones decide to get really mucky.

What happens if it rains?
Never fear!  If it rains we can still get lots of beautiful photographs indoors.  I would still suggest that we go out for a little while as jumping in puddles is great fun.  Also, have a think about some indoor locations nearby that might make for some fun photos, such as ruins, manor houses, even rural train stations!…. Anything!

What if my child is ill?
If your little one happens to be ill on the day then we’ll just reschedule.  I would appreciate a call as soon as possible to let me know, just in case I’ve got a long drive.

What should we wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  This is about being natural so I don’t expect shirt and trousers…. Let the children wear their favourite outfits, although I would suggest avoiding graphic patterns or check shirts.  Oh, and white might not be the best option when out and about…. Dirt tends to show up very well on white clothing.

Are you able to remove imperfections?
It is no problem removing the superficial spots and scratches that are an everyday occurrence in children’s lives.

Do you photograph older children such as teenagers?
I’m always happy to photograph the slightly older generation.  I do try to keep things natural still, however there is usually a little more direction required.  Also, like with the little ones it’s nice to have them doing something they enjoy, so any hobbies that they may have are welcome and competitive games are always good for fun photos….. have you ever played swing ball?

Do you mind our pets being in the shoot?
Being an animal lover I’m more than happy to have your pets in the shoot.  They’re part of the family after all so why not include them in the day!

Are parents/grandparents included in the sitting fee?
Sure why not.  The more the merrier!

How do I book my portrait session?
To book your session you can either call me on 07966 163293 or email me on  Or leave a message on our contact page.


When can I see the photos?
Either myself or one of the team will call you shortly after the photo shoot to arrange a viewing date.  This will take place in the comfort of your home and will be a chance to see all the finished photographs, along with all our sample frames.  The aim of the viewing will be for you to choose your favourite photos and decide how and where you would like to showcase them.

How many images will we be able to choose from?
There is no set amount of photos that will be viewed.  I aim to showcase anywhere between 50 and 70 photos which will be a mix of individual and group shots.

Do you have a minimum spend?
I do not have a minimum spend for all local shoots in and around the London/Hertfordshire area, however where I am required to travel a long distance there is a minimum spend of £1000 including the session fee and travel costs.

What is the average spend?
Most clients spend between £1000 and £2000, usually on a combination of framed prints for the wall, coffee table albums and a CD with all the images on.

Can friends and family order prints as well?
Of course.  After the viewing you will be able to direct them to a blog page showcasing all the pictures of the day.  They only need to contact me to order prints.

Who has the copyright to the images?
I retain the copyright of all my images.  However, you are welcome to purchase individual images or the complete set of print ready digital files on a disc, which can be taken to any lab for reproduction.  You will be granted a licence to reproduce the images for personal use or to give to your family and friends.  You are not permitted to enter the pictures into any competition, or sell them onto third parties such as stock libraries.



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